Natural gas for residential estates

Southdowns Estate in Irene offers its residents a supply of natural gas. A high-pressure customer metering station (HPCMS)  supplies gas to all the houses, as well as the shopping centre, college, sports complex and gym. A big advantage of piped natural gas is its affordability compared with LPG and electricity. The price of natural gas ranges between R220,00 and R320,00/GJ compared with LPG at R470,00 to R520,00/GJ or electricity at R500,00/GJ (equivalent to R1,80/kWh tariff). The price is also not prone to the constant fluctuations seen in crude oil products. Natural gas has the potential to replace electricity as the primary energy source in homes.  Hot water, space heating, gas cooking and even generators powered by gas are possible. With Eskom’s questionable reliability of supply and increasing tariffs, gas should be a major consideration for developers wanting to increase the value of their properties.

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