Natural gas fuels the future

Unplanned interruptions due to a sudden cut in energy supply are one of the difficulties businesses running on natural gas never have to worry about. NGV Gas and Virtual Gas Network (VGN), through its distribution network, ensures users which are anywhere within a 500 km radius of Johannesburg receive the required quantity of gas at the right time.

Natural gas provides a consistently high energy heat of ca 39,22 MJ (10,89 kWh) per m3, making it a powerful fuel, able to fire various high energy demanding machinery. However, in its efficiency, natural gas emits lower levels of harmful emissions such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and nitrous oxides. It produces fewer greenhouse gases when compared to other fossil fuels. As the cleanest burning and safest of all fossil fuels, using natural gas could help your business increase its green star rating and improve your carbon footprint.

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