Natural gas hits the road on a larger scale

Virtual Gas Network supplies large-scale industries with natural gas. Natural gas is in high demand, and industries should implement conversions sooner rather than later, to ensure access to the lower gas prices. The company currently delivers natural gas, in uninterrupted supply, to the equivalent of up to 736 400 l of diesel per site. Natural gas, which burns cleaner than most fossil fuels, can be used in many manufacturing processes as a heat source to melt, dry, bake, or glaze a product. Boilers and burners require significant amounts of consistent energy for uninterrupted production. Natural gas is able to provide this, making it ideal for heating, cooling, and cooking. It is consumed primarily in the paper, pulp, metals, stone, plastic, chemicals, glass and food processing industries. However the energy demand is usually on a greater scale in the industrial sector, this makes the demand for a reliable and economical source of energy vital.

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