Nersa’s electricity division seeks stakeholder input on strategic plan – deadline for input is 22 March

Nersa’s electricity division seeks stakeholder input on strategic plan *Photo by* Creamer Media
17TH MARCH 2021
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The National Energy Regulator of South Africa (Nersa) will conduct a virtual public consultation workshop, from March 24 to 26, to solicit stakeholder input into the strategic plan of its electricity division.
The workshop will seek specific input on the changes facing the electricity supply industry (ESI), its likely end state and what the risks and solutions could be as the ESI transitions to such an end state.
Nersa has published a discussion paper to guide inputs to the electricity division’s strategic planning.
Nersa has requested stakeholders to submit their written comments by close of business on March 22 and for those who wish to attend or present their views at the workshop to request to do so through by 15:30 on March 22.

Questions asked of stakeholders:

3. Stakeholder Consultation

3.1.NERSA has drafted questions for consideration to assist in the determination of the core areas of focus for regulatory and other activities over the short to medium term. Stakeholders are requested to submit written responses by the 20 March 2021 and at the public consultation workshop will also be given an opportunity to make oral presentations of a maximum of 30 minutes per stakeholder entity.

3.2.Accordingly, stakeholders are requested to respond to the following core areas with specific reference to the demand segment they represent: Page 3 of 5 3.2.1. What in, your view, are the key changes facing the electricity supply industry1 (ESI)?

3.2.2. What does or should the electricity supply industry end-state look like? What risks can be identified and must be mitigated against as the ESI transitions into this ESI end-state.

3.2.3. What needs to be fixed in the ESI and how should it be fixed?

3.2.4. What is working well in the electricity sector and why?

3.2.5. How does the South African ESI compare with the Global and Regional electricity supply industries?

3.2.6. How should NERSA respond to or impact on the changes the mentioned above?

3.2.7. On which key functions or objects should NERSA focus on?