New CESA president addresses digitisation, integration and regulation

Neresh Pather, president of CESA (right) with Chris Campbell, CESA CEO.

Consulting Engineers South Africa’s (CESA) newly appointed President, Neresh Pather, presented his presidential message and theme for the year at a function held in Johannesburg on 30 January 2018. Pather announced that his focus for the year will be on effective ethical leadership with the theme of “our future is now”.

During the year Pather will be focusing on key objectives including embracing the fourth industrial revolution, the new world of digitisation and new ways of doing things through innovation and data-informed techniques. He also plans to focus on industry integration and working collaboratively on common issues that benefit industry and society.

Within South Africa he believes that we need to encourage the black empowerment principle not as a means of compliance but to truly develop African industrialists to grow our economy. Pather commented that CESA hopes to play the role of a facilitator of good values and good business principles that enables transformation not for any other reason but because it is the right thing to do.

Moving on to issues of procurement, he stated that the rollout of the standard for infrastructure procurement and delivery management (SIPDM) across all spheres of government is a positive intervention with CESA collaborating with National Treasury in the implementation and training for this procurement system. CESA is however, concerned that since the announcement and implementation of this procurement system, across government there is no Infrastructure Directorate at National Treasury that is taking ownership and accountability for the implementation and monitoring of compliance with this standard.

The SIPDM programme was designed to migrate the emphasis away from administration and to focus on governance and leadership to ensure that infrastructure in government is driven with the correct knowledge and competence. CESA is proud to be a partner to National Treasury through an MOU that allows access to CESA members across the country to ensure that all state organisations have the required capacity and skills to be compliant with SIPDM but also to ensure that non-compliance is addressed in a positive manner for future relations.

With reference to the industry regulatory body, the Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA), Pather stated that the current impasse between ECSA and the Voluntary Associations (VAs) is unhealthy for the industry. He commented that the notion that either ECSA or the VAs can serve the industry in isolation is ludicrous and needs urgent attention from the various Ministries in government, in particular the Department of Public Works.

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