New lab gives students competitive edge

Schneider Electric has supported the launch of a new, state-of-the-art automation laboratory at the French South African Schneider Electric Education Centre (F’SASEC), based at the Vaal University of Technology (VUT). The first of its kind for F’SASEC VUT, the laboratory highlights the latest technology and affords students the opportunity to advance as they are introduced to automation equipment such as programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and variable speed drives (VSDs).

F’SASEC, established by Schneider Electric South Africa in conjunction with the Schneider Electric Foundation and the French Ministry of Education, aims to bridge the gap between industry and vocational training in the field of energy. Centres in the F’SASEC network focus on training previously disadvantaged young South Africans to become artisans, electricians and technicians in the field of energy, using Schneider Electric’s latest technology offerings and equipment. The F’SASEC network forms part of the company’s sustainability strategy to create access to education for youngsters who would otherwise not have access to tertiary education, where ultimately their training should lead to employment and economic empowerment.

F’SASEC plays a critical role in sending competent and highly skilled graduates into the workplace through the electrical engineering courses offered at the facility. Another objective for the centre is to forge and maintain stronger, and more supportive, relationships between education and training institutions, and the workplace.

Each year, students benefit from the one-year programme offered by F’SASEC. The course covers both industrial and domestic installations, as well as safety and industrial wiring with theoretical and practical training as the foundation of each module.

From left to right: Jason Ullbricht (Schneider Electric), Dr Joe Molefe (VUT), Wiseman Jack (VUT), Dr Véronique Briquet-Laugier (French Embassy), Albert Fuchet (Schneider Electric), Zanelle Dalglish (Schneider Electric) and Professor Alexandre Sebastiani (FSASEC).


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