New lenses launched

Canon Europe has launched the RF 70-200 mm F2.8L IS USM and RF 85 mm F1.2L USM DS, delivering on its commitment to introducing six RF lenses for the EOS R System to the market in 2019. Retaining the stunning image quality and ease of use of the RF 85 mm F1.2L USM, the addition of RF 85 mm F1.2L USM DS to Canon’s RF line-up is its response to the variety of portrait photographers’ needs. Combining the large, maximum aperture of f/1.2 and close-up shooting, with a minimum focusing distance of 85 cm, with its DS coating the RF 85 mm F1.2L USM DS achieves greater expression – its dramatic blurring capabilities makes the subject “pop” more than ever before. This bokeh effect is made possible thanks to Canon’s original DS coating – a vapour-deposited coating technology that has a high transmittance at the centre and a low transmittance toward the periphery. Without compromising on quality, the DS coating applied on the front and rear surfaces of the lens softly and smoothly blurs the entire outline of bokeh – not just on one side which is common of similar lenses on the market.

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