New Paper: The Law and Science of Climate Change Attribution

Here is a useful paper from the Sabin Center for Climate Law on the law and science of climate change attribution.

Dear Colleagues,

The final version of *The Law and Science of Climate Change Attribution * has been published online by the Columbia Journal of Environmental Law. The article – all 185 law journal pages, and 700 footnotes of it – seeks to provide a comprehensive view of the complex and dynamic relationships between the ever-evolving field of attribution science and its applications in law and policy contexts, especially litigation. Co-authored with Radley Horton, a climate scientist at Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory at Columbia University, and my colleague and collaborator Jessica Wentz, the piece is intended to inform and assist legal practitioners, emerging and established climate scientists, and climate advocates, researchers and scholars across the board.

If the length is daunting you can see our blog post on it here and an Executive Summary here . I will eventually have some hard copies in booklet form, and if you or your organization are interested let me know and if possible I’ll send one or two along.

Our work on this project continues. We will be continuing to deepen our assessment of the roles climate science does and might play in climate cases, preparing additional resources, and continuing to partner with other individuals and organizations to disseminate the work, engage with practitioners and scientists in workshops and trainings, and write.

All best,
Michael Burger
Executive Director
Sabin Center for Climate Change Law
Senior Research Scholar and Lecturer-in-Law
Columbia Law School
(212) 854-2372

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