Novel wind turbine design

An exciting renewable energy solution is being developed in the workshops of Diesel Electric Services (DES), South of Johannesburg CBD. Spread over several city blocks, with a staff of some 550, DES are geared to providing the nation with many power solutions and services, but has recently turned its attention to a little recognised source of power in cities – wind power. Not well known is that wind around buildings can be up to 300% more than the ambient wind velocity, far more than the normal 40% achieved on tall towers used on wind farms. This massive wind resource is unused, because propeller turbines cannot cope with turbulence, and suffer from blade inertia, noise and sheer visual scale. For these reasons embedded power is limited to micro turbines and solar PV. This is about to change. The new turbine uses a South African invention called the Brayfoil. This wing reverses lift from one surface to the other, and freely rotates on an axis to set an automatic angle of attack to the wind, or water.

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