Offshore wind and wave-powered desalination

Oelsner Group, well known for creating the 5,2 MW Darling National Demonstration Wind Farm, is now turning its attention to offshore wave, wind and desalination technology as a means of producing some desperately needed fresh water. An offshore wave energy generation project, previously side-lined as “future technology” by the Department of Energy and the Central Energy Fund, could now form the foundation of an exciting new initiative to bring some desperately needed long-term relief to South Africa’s drought-stricken Western Cape. Critical water shortages that threaten to see residents reduced to standing in line at water tankers for a few litres of fresh water daily, have prompted the Oelsner Group to rethink the potential of the SWEC (Stellenbosch wave energy converter). It has proposed to pair the SWEC with the latest offshore wind energy technology to supply electricity to a submersed desalination plant.

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