Open letter to COP25 Presidency on the future of global climate action in the UNFCCC

Dear colleagues,

Please find attached an open letter to the COP25 Presidency from leading global networks of cities, business, regions, and investors, as well as some civil society groups, academics, and legal experts.

Following last month’s UN Climate Action Summit in New York, and on the eve of the pre-COP meetings in Costa Rica, the letter expresses these actors’ strong support for the Chilean government’s vision of COP25 as a “time for action,” and offers their support to seek an outcome at COP25 that will ensure a continued mandate for ‘action’ in the UNFCCC process going forward.

Since COP21, the UNFCCC process has increasingly welcomed and supported the ‘groundswell’ of climate action from cities, regions, businesses, investors, civil society, and others. However, current arrangements agreed in Paris and Marrakech will expire in 2020. As such, there is an important opportunity at COP25 and COP26 to both continue and improve so-called “Global Climate Action” arrangements in the UNFCCC. Further background information can be found here .

The letter remains open for signature should you wish to add your name. *To sign, please use this online form: *

As always, we value any feedback and reactions colleagues may have.


Tom Hale, on behalf of Galvanizing the Groundswell of Climate Actions

Associate Professor of Global Public Policy
Director of China Engagement | 中国事务主管
Blavatnik School of Government
Fellow, St. Antony’s College
Oxford University

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