Optimising development and simulation

Dongfeng Motor Corporation, a Chinese automaker, uses LMS Amesim from Siemens PLM Software to allow physical tests and simulations to be combined, resulting in the shortening of product development cycles.  Dongfeng is regarded as being among the automotive industry’s leading developers of electric power steering (EPS) systems. EPS is instrumental in ensuring car safety, and also helps to reduce fuel consumption by up to 5%. The software offers a multi-domain platform for complex system designs and simulations, allowing users to create system models, in-depth analyses and computations. It also offers graphic, modularised multi-domain system modeling. Other benefits include mathematical models and an extensive library. These features pave the way for joint 1D and 3D simulations, which allow not only the separate simulation analysis of EPS system models, but also joint simulation analysis of combined EPS system models and dynamic vehicle models.

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