Overcoming winter ambient temperatures


Many South African industries including food and beverage, lubricant, bitumen, petrochem and automotive will again be faced with cold winter temperatures and wreaking havoc on their manufacturing, processes and operational efficiencies. Electrical heat tracing (EHT) can overcome this problem by keeping products at an optimal temperature, lowering viscosity and ensuring that they are easier to transport around the plant during the colder months. EHT can assist plant and process managers to alleviate stubborn viscosity-sensitive products and processes. This ensures that pumps don’t malfunction due to cavitation and pipes don’t get blocked, mitigating costly repairs and maintenance. EHT lowers the viscosity of many processes as it acts as a compensating heat source to maintain or raise the heat in pipes, tanks, surfaces and other vessels. It effectively replaces the heat loss in the process and can therefore be used to prevent pipes from gelling or freezing while maintaining the low viscosity of the process on plant equipment.

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