Overhead line and cable differential protection relay


WoodBeam announces the introduction of the Reyrolle Solkor N 7SR18 overhead line and cable differential protection relay, an enhanced version of the Solkor N 7SG18. The new Solkor has two stage, three phase line differential protection, six channel inter-tripping, back-up directional overcurrent and earthfault / sensitive earthfault. Additional voltage inputs provide comprehensive metering functionality. Housed in the standard 4U high, size E6 case which is the same as the Solkor R/RF making for easy retrofitting. These relays provide protection, monitoring, instrumentation and metering with integrated input and output logic and fault reports. Communication access to the relay functionality is via a front USB port for a local connection plus a rear electrical RS485 port for remote connection and optional IEC 61850 communication through two rear Ethernet ports (electrical or optical).

Contact Marcel Kelly, WoodBeam, Tel 011 457-1600, marcel.kelly@woodbeam.co.za

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