Paris just endorsed the Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty!

A wave of cities around the world have called for a global treaty to manage a fast and just transition away from fossil fuels in recent weeks. Read this update for all the latest news.
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Dear Peter,
I wanted to let you know that *earlier today the City of Paris endorsed the call for a Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty <>*, a huge step by the French capital and home of the global climate agreement for our 1.5ºC target. Can you help us amplify this news to help encourage other cities to follow their lead? Share on Twitter <>
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From Nepal’s transport hub Itahari to a wave of capitals across Europe, cities around the world are joining our call for an end to the fossil fuel era. In fact, more than 40 cities and local governments globally <> have now joined a growing visionary collective demanding a global treaty to phase out coal, oil and gas.
History shows us that cities are an unstoppable force for social change. They played a critical role as nuclear-weapon-free zones in building momentum towards a global nuclear ban treaty, and now we are excited to see this rising tide of local governments demanding a Fossil Fuel Treaty and accelerating a just energy transition globally.
We are diving deeper with the cities we have on board, encouraging them to pass legislation on a suite of fossil fuel phase-out policies in our Cities Toolkit <>, and kicking off *our workshop series Cities For a Fossil Fuel Treaty*. In early March, we chatted with activists across Europe in a webinar on campaigning for a complete ban on fossil fuel advertising <>. More workshops will be coming soon!
If you want to get a city campaign going where you live, check out our cities resources <> and let’s chat!
*Seble Samuel* Global Cities Lead for the Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty Initiative RECENT ENDORSEMENTS City of Paris, France Greater Paris, France Grenoble, France Poitiers, France Lyon, France Bordeaux, France Burgundy-Franche-Comté, France Besançon, France Amsterdam, Netherlands Amber Valley Borough Council, UK Birmingham, UK City of Cambridge, UK Edinburgh, UK Lewes Town Council, UK London Borough of Lambeth, UK City of Barcelona, Spain City of Bonn, Germany
European cities are coming out strong with a stunning *12 new endorsements in the past several weeks.*
*A majority of these new endorsements are in France. *With the French presidential election just weeks away and Macron’s climate credentials wearing thin, these moves are a strong reflection of how municipalities across the country are losing patience and making their own demands to tackle the biggest driver of the climate crisis.
As noted by Dan Lert, Deputy Mayor of Paris <> “faced with the climate emergency, we are accelerating the energy transition by aiming for energy independence and massively developing renewable energies. We need new international mechanisms for climate, human rights and peace.”* Check out this blog exploring the French context for these endorsements. <>*
The UK is also seeing a wave of municipal governments demand action on a fossil fuel phase out. In stark contrast with a national government set to approve *six* new oil and gas fields before the end of 2022. Earlier this month, Edinburgh <> became the first Scottish city to endorse the Treaty. Check out this blog reflecting on how UK cities are picking up the slack as the country finishes up its COP presidency. <>
Finally, The City of Amsterdam also recently called for a Fossil Fuel Treaty <> despite being one of Europe’s largest energy ports and a major historical exporter of coal. The city expressed desire “to do its fair share in the fight against climate change”, a move that complements their ban on fossil fuel advertising and getting a national court to stipulate to Royal Dutch Shell that it had a duty of care. Milwaukie, Oregon, USA Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada City of Los Angeles, USA City of Toronto City of Vancouver, BC City of New Westminster, BC District of North Vancouver, BC District of West Vancouver, BC City of Hayward, California, USA City of Santa Ana, California, USA Town of Somerset, Maryland, USA City of Yakima, Washington, USA Tilarán, Costa Rica Buenos Aires, Costa Rica Turrialba, Costa Rica Siquirres, Costa Rica Curridabat, Costa Rica Santa Ana, Costa Rica Montes de Oca, Costa Rica
North America has a dozen endorsements now thanks to two new motions passed. Recently, Milwaukie, Oregon’s mayor made clear the need to take urgent action on fossil fuels <> and Burnaby is the latest of five cities in British Columbia to endorse the Fossil Fuel Treaty <> .
*The first motions for state-level endorsements in the United States were also introduced in both Washington and Hawai’i *with the latter potentially coming through later this year.
Activists in Ottawa are also launching their own campaign on 24th March, kick-starting a major push for the Canadian capital to support a treaty to phase out fossil fuels. Click here to find out more and RSVP to the event. <> Itahari, Nepal Dhulikhel, Nepal City of Sydney The Australian Capital Territory City of Darebin, Melbourne, Australia City of Maribyrnong, Melbourne, Australia City of Moreland, Melbourne, Australia City of Yarra, Melbourne, Australia
Thanks to fantastic work from our friends at CANSA and Clean Energy Nepal, Nepalese transport hub Itahari has joined the wave of cities endorsing the Treaty. <> The mayor emphasized the importance of every city to take part even as a city whose contribution to the climate crisis is “low compared to big and developed cities”. This announcement comes after Dhulikhel <> became the first city in Asia to call for a Treaty late last year.
CANSA is also actively campaigning for Kolkata to endorse the Fossil Fuel Treaty, which would be the first metropolis in Asia and city in India to endorse.
There has also been a wave of major endorsements in Australia including the Australian Capital Territory and the City of Sydney who have called for a treaty to manage a just transition. Just months out from an Australian election, admist catastrophic flooding events, these calls come in stark contrast to the Federal government’s plans to approve a huge wave of new coal and gas projects. <> ——————————
This is just the start of a huge effort to have hundreds of cities back the call for a Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty. If you’d like to get involved and push cities, local councils, sub-national governments or even nation states to endorse the Treaty proposal please don’t hesitate to get in touch. In the meantime *here are two specific actions you can support on the campaign including a major push in Nigeria. * Help Lagos get on the Treaty map!
*Nigerian campaigners are calling on Lagos state government to endorse the Treaty. *HEDA Resources Center has launched an open letter, which will be sent to the Lagos State Resilience in mid-April. Please amplify this page with your Nigerian contacts to help us get our first African city endorsement <> and share our social media posts:

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Leave It In the Ground (LINGO) have launched a Fossil Free Zones campaign — aiming to give more visibility, recognition and support to those who are phasing out their reliance on, or who have completed their transition away from, oil, gas and/or coal.
Anyone can participate, from an individual house, office, club, university to an entire city, region or country. The aim is to build a global norm against fossil fuels. All it takes is for you to share your fossil free status to LINGO to get your virtual badge. <> Follow on Twitter <> Follow on Facebook <> Follow on Instagram <>
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