Portable PD diagnostic instrument doubles as monitoring system

Partial discharge (PD) diagnostics is required to identify defects in a non-destructive way and start corrective action to avoid in-service failure, stopping a potential catastrophic failure before it happens. The Techimp Aquila is a compact (<12 kg) solution for fast and flexible PD diagnostic testing, and can even be used as a temporary PD monitoring system. It is a practical, all-in-one, battery powered instrument which is all one would need for complete PD diagnosis for cables, transformers, motors and switchgear with a combination of sensors and filters. Where auxiliary power is not available the battery allows for up to 20 hours of testing activities. Most importantly the EasySoft software for testing and reporting is easy to use, and requires no special skills. The software holds all the needed functions to control the instrument, to set the correct acquisition parameters, to acquire and visualize the PD dataset in order to get an immediate diagnostic response.

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