Powerful three-phase motor protection

NewElec’s KD and KE powerful three-phase motor protection relays improve plant production capabilities across all industries. The company will assist with relay parameter settings and installation, while leaving technical knowledge onsite for ease of use and front-end understanding. These motor protection relays have the following protection features: overload with user selectable thermal curves; load loss with user selectable measurement method; phase unbalance and phase loss; start stall measured using vectors; earth leakage with user selectable curves and earth fault trip discrimination; earth insulation lock-out; intelligent short circuit trip levels dependent on power-factor measurement; over-voltage; under-voltage; phase rotation with software adjustable sequencing; over and under frequency; phase voltage asymmetry; and running stall with adjustable trip levels. The KD facilitates certain control panel mounted settings while the parametrisation of the KE is fully software driven.

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