Powering a revolution in South African industry

Virtual Gas Network (a division of CNG Holdings) says it is offering the first commercial-scale supply of natural gas in South Africa, now available to businesses anywhere in a 300 km radius of Johannesburg. Boilers, furnaces, dehumidifiers, heaters and coolers, ovens, kilns and turbines can all be fired more efficiently via natural gas, which offers a consistent, high energy content of ±39,22 MJ (10,89 kWh) per m3 that is significantly more cost-effective than coal-based fuels.

Apart from lowering energy costs as a cheaper fuel, the cleaner combustion of natural gas also improves equipment and plant performance and reduces maintenance by minimising the build-up of carbon residues and stench within components, which leads to increased production time. In the near future, the reduced emissions of natural gas – with up to 27% less CO2, NOX, HC and PM emitted than other fossil fuels – will become increasingly more critical as companies look to avoid carbon tax penalties.

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