Protecting equipment from lightning

The South African summer season brings with it widespread possibilities of lightning strikes. The massive voltage fluctuations caused by lightning can damage sensitive equipment, as well as cause data loss on computers, servers and storage devices. To combat this, the DEHNcord surge arrester from lightning and surge protection company, DEHN Africa, offers reliable protection from surges caused by lightning interference, and is flexible and space-saving. This Type 2 surge arrester, available in single-pole, two-pole and three-pole versions, can be fitted in installation systems such as the terminal compartments of end loads, cable ducts or flush-mounted systems.  The compact design of the device allows it to be installed wherever the performance of a standard Type 3 surge protective device for terminal equipment reaches its limits. The lighting protection offered by this device is said to help to offset the possibility of lost productivity and costs for the repair or replacement of equipment after an unprotected lighting strike.

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