PV battery charger upgrade consumes less power

Victron Energy is expanding grid-connection approvals globally for its new MultiPlus-II 48 V battery inverter-charger, boosting the market for this robust unit that works both on and off-grid. The device connects with a wide range of energy storage systems, from lead-acid and lithium-based batteries to zinc-bromine flow batteries. The unit is easier to install than earlier models with AC connections accessible via a single plate on its base and is also simple to retrofit to an existing grid-tied PV system, without modification. The unit draws just 11 W of standby power, less than half that used by the model it supersedes.  The unit is a transformer-based system which gives it the capability to support “surge” energy demands well above its continuous energy rating, including the start-up load of high-demand devices such as air conditioners and freezers. The device has optional Internet-enabled remote monitoring, both through the company’s secure portal or via authenticated third-party applications.

Contact André du Rand, Victron Energy, 083 600-1761, adurand@victronenergy.com


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