Pyrometer or infrared camera? You choose…

Instrotech is pleased to present the Optris Xi series, a fusion of a rugged, compact pyrometer and a modern IR camera. Thanks to analogue and digital outputs as well as the option to process up to nine freely definable measuring areas using an external process interface, the Xi camera is perfectly suited for OEM applications. It’s a semi-autonomous target sensor, and with PC and software, is also a smart pyrometer with analog or digital outputs.

An all-rounder for numerous application

From plastics to metal processing, in the automotive sector as well as in fire prevention tasks; the Xi series masters various applications. Even processes with limited visual access can easily be monitored with the help of the line scan function.

Fig. 1: Optris Xi Series rugged, compact pyrometer and modern IR camera.

Optris Xi 80 autonomous compact spot finder IR camera

The integrated spot finder function of the Xi 80 allows for the precise temperature measurements of moving objects – without having to readjust the sensor. The camera figures it out on its own, without being connected to a PC. In addition to a direct 0/4 – 20 mA analogue output, the device also offers users digital interfaces like Ethernet or RS485.

  • Industrial imager with 80 x 80 pixels resolution.
  • Rugged, compact imager with motorised focus.
  • Autonomous operation with automatic spot finder.

Optris Xi 400 compact industrial imager

The new Optris Xi 400 is a smart spot finder IR camera with analogue or digital outputs, capable of seeking the target on its own. It combines the benefits of a robust, compact pyrometer and an advanced IR camera.

  • Industrial imager with 382 x 288 pixels resolution
  • Distance-to-spot-size ratio up to 390:1
  • Monitoring of fast processes with framerate of up to 80 Hz

Motor focus simplifies handling

Fig. 2: Optris Xi 400 microscope optics IR cameral for circuit board inspection.

Both Xi models are equipped with motorized focus. Using the free Windows based PIX Connect software the user is able to focus the camera from the distance.

Optris Xi 400 microscope optics IR cameral for the inspection of assembled circuit boards

Circuit boards are a core part of electronic devices. They keep getting smaller while having to be more powerful at the same time. Temperatures of assembled circuit boards can easily be measured with the microscope optics of the Xi 400 thermal imager, thus identifying overheated areas quickly and preventing possible defects. The causes for excessive temperatures can be manifold: defective components, incorrectly dimensioned circuit paths or poorly soldered joints.

  • Analysis of smallest components down to 240 µm.
  • Easy handling thanks to the motorised focus.
  • Recording of radiometric videos.

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