Quick and easy detection of air leaks

The SKF TKSU 10 is an ultrasonic leak detector that helps users to quickly find leakages in compressed air or vacuum systems. The instrument is very simple to use and features adjustable sensitivity and intuitive guidance for superior leak detection results. Any compressed air system can experience leaks, which amplify the load on compressors and increase costs. The TKSU 10 helps users to easily find leaks from a distance, even in noisy industrial environments, via its ultrasound measurement sensor. The built-in LED display assists the user in adjusting sensitivity, and shows the measured ultrasound noise from leaking air, allowing the quantification of leaks and prioritisation of repairs. It is easy to use and no training is required. The leak detection can be done from a distance in noisy industrial environments. The colour LED display assists in adjusting sensitivity settings and shows measurement values.

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