Reactive Power: The compensation specialists

Reactive Power has become a leading MV power factor correction and harmonic filtering supplier. It is based in Johannesburg and operates throughout the Southern African region.

The company has served the electrical industry since the late 1980s and in recent years has supplied over 200 harmonic filter banks and shunt capacitors from 3,3 to 275 kV. The company has the necessary skills to provide full turnkey projects and is capable of designing complex filters for 400 to 3,3 kV. The majority of projects are in the mining and industrial segment, with various projects being undertaken from 6,6 to 33 kV, where the company services and recommissions various installations.

Fig. 1: 275 kV 72 Mvar 5th harmonic filter.

The company provides full turnkey projects and can design complex filters for 400 to 3,3 kV. Most of its projects are in the mining and industrial segment, with various projects being undertaken from 6,6 to 33 kV, where the company services and recommissions various installations. Clients include major mining houses operating as far afield as Ghana and Burkina Faso. The company’s customers are assured that its solutions are of the highest technical standard and cost competitive. In-house engineering skills ensure a professional approach with the highest technical standard.

Reactive Power is also active in the FACTS area. Through its relationship with AMSC, the company supplies SVCs, STATCOMs and other power quality devices to the sector. AMSC’s reactive power solutions are proven technologies which help to facilitate renewable energy integration, strengthen the security and reliability of the transmission and distribution grids and allow industrial customers to maintain peak productivity.

The company’s D-var STATCOMs precisely and quickly deliver reactive current to mitigate voltage transients and deviations. The D-SVC, a direct-connect distribution SVC, allows industrial businesses to utilise a plant level solution to mitigate power quality problems such as voltage sags due to large motor starts and voltage flicker.

AMSC’s D-var STATCOMs and D-SVCs have been the preferred reactive power solution in many wind and solar farms, transmission and distribution utilities, various mines, semiconductor chip manufacturing facilities and other industrial applications, with more than 215 systems sold worldwide.

Reactive Power also maintains outstanding relationships with its sub-suppliers resulting in benefits such as when fast delivery or unusual designs are required. The company offers the following services:

  • Design and supply of specialised harmonic filters of all kinds.
  • Automatically switched multi-step medium voltage bulk power factor correction systems.
  • FACTS devices including SVCs, STATCOMS, etc.
  • PCB capacity, replacement or refurbishment programmes.
  • Distribution compensation solutions including pole-top shunt banks, ground mounted mobile shunt banks and unconventional substation compensation schemes.
  • Individual motor unit capacitors.
  • Spare or replacement capacitors.
  • Air-cored and iron-cored filter reactors.
  • High voltage damping/filter resistors.
  • Current limiting, fault limiting or neutral earthing reactors.
  • Switchgear and integrated control and protection systems for capacitor banks including retro-fitments and upgrading of automatic control and protection schemes.
  • Maintenance, refurbishing and upgrading of all reactive power compensation schemes including the outsourcing of routine maintenance.
  • Remote system monitoring and automated fault annunciation and call-out schemes.
  • Automated remote check metering schemes, utility billing audits and tariff impact studies.

The company creates customer satisfaction by providing projects on time and within budget. It treasures its relationships with its clients and strives to constantly exceed their expectations thereby guaranteeing successful projects and repeat business.

Contact Kevin Talbot, Reactive Power, Tel 011 708-0044,

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