Recognition for fuel cell solutions

GenCell has won Frost & Sullivan’s 2019 Europe Enabling Technology Leadership Award. Based on its recent analysis of the European fuel cells market,  the company was recognised for its fuel cell solutions which provide clean backup and off-grid power to utilities, healthcare, telecommunications, and automated industries. Using an alkaline electrolyte, such as potassium hydroxide in water and non-platinum electrodes, the company offers advanced, yet affordable technologies. The company has two backup power products, the G5 long-duration UPS, and the G5rx. The G5 delivers backup power for long periods to mission-critical applications which cannot be adequately served by short-duration uninterruptible power supply solutions. On the other hand, the G5rx provides immediate power to utility substation automatic circuit reclosers and can handle lightning strikes, surges, or objects getting stuck in power lines until the grid becomes operational again. Besides fuel cell power benefits, the G5rx specifically meets utilities’ unique requirements, including their substation energy profiles and safety and seismic standards.

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