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Microsoft purchased CORCs again! [image: Puro logo] <…> [image: Biochar image] *Welcome to the 6th Carbon Removal* * Ecosystem Meeting!*
In the last year, we have seen huge corporate demand for carbon removal in the immediate term, but the market is still supply constrained and many projects will only produce carbon removal in the 12-to-24-month timeframe. The supply crunch will get worse as awareness keeps spreading exponentially for corporates and companies who have pledged to net zero in the coming years scramble to fulfill those commitments.

*One key answer is the adoption of long-term offtake agreements for carbon removal projects.* These will provide buyers a balance between short-term needs and long-term planning. The predictable future cashflow will enable more projects to raise equity and obtain loans to start or expand. Besides, offtake agreements may also be pivotal for new methods to be piloted and scientific data to be gathered, a true gamechanger for the planet. The renewable energy industry accelerated thanks to long-term commitments. Let’s do the same for carbon removal.

*In our next ecosystem meeting we will present a snapshot of the current situation with long-term offtake agreements, the positive signs, the funding challenges, and the offerings that will contribute to solve these. *
Join us and an impressive lineup of speakers from Zurich Insurance Group, Carbon Direct, Invert and Valence Solutions, who are doing their part to grow carbon removal worldwide, now and in the long-term.
Preliminary Agenda (times in GMT):
15:00 *Welcome* – Elba Horta, Head of Communications,
15:02 -15:20 *What has been achieved so far and where is the ecosystem going next?* – Antti Vihavainen, CEO,
15:20 -15:35 *Rethinking Removals* – Dr. Gabrielle Walker, TED Speaker, Founder and Director, Valence Solutions
15:35-15:55 *How Zurich supports the carbon removal market and accelerates its net-zero target*, Chris Minter, Sustainable Sourcing Lead, Zurich Insurance Group
15:55 -16:15 *Long term offtake agreements for carbon removal projects*: A panel with Arnaud Defrance, VP of Funding Solutions at, Jonathan Goldberg, Chief Executive Officer at Carbon Direct and Peter Popplewell, PhD, Head of Technology and Carbon Project Viability at Invert
16:15-16:30 *Q & A – *Joona Kunnas, Sales and Account Manager,

*Register below and don’t forget to add it to your calendars. Registrants will also have access to the recording.* *Register for Ecosystem Meeting* <…> selected by Microsoft for carbon removal, pushing the market forward

For the second year in a row, Microsoft has bought CORCs from biochar suppliers! The selected projects are Carbofex <…> (Finland), Carbon Cycle <…> (Germany), ECHO2 <…> (Australia) and ACT Commodities/Freres Lumber <…> (US).
This renewed procurement highlights that several challenges to scaling voluntary carbon removal markets are being resolved:
• Limited supply: renewed procurement gives projects access to capital to expand operations and grow their high-quality carbon removal • Demand signals for new entrants: purchases from high-profile corporations who conduct a thorough due diligence process lead as a role model to industry peers to start their own procurement and signal potential suppliers to enter the market • Clarity and integrity in carbon removal accounting: trust in robust methodologies, such as the Puro Standard, that differentiate between carbon removal from the atmosphere and the avoidance of carbon emissions and verify the durability of the storage of the removed CO2, is essential to create fast market growth.
“ <…> projects set a high bar for quality and are an important component of our carbon removal efforts. We are looking forward to helping further scale the market with this purchase,” said Elizabeth Willmott, Microsoft carbon program director.
Antti Vihavainen, CEO of, expressed, “*We appreciate the leadership of Microsoft in showing the way forward for scaling carbon removal, and are delighted to continue our collaboration for a second year. As integrates different parts of the voluntary carbon market we have the possibility to make it more efficient for corporates to purchase verified CORCs and achieve ambitious ESG and Net Zero goals.*”
*Check out Microsoft’s whitepaper update* <…>
* is committed to REMOVING as MUCH CO2 as we can, as FAST as we can, for as LONG duration as we can to fight the climate crisis NOW in the 2020’s and want to be known as the biggest aggregator of science-based carbon removals.* *Are you ready to include carbon removal in your climate actions? Welcome to learn more about these suppliers at * <…>* and don’t hesitate to *contact us. <> [image: Facebook] <…> [image: LinkedIn] <…> [image: Twitter] <…>, Lapinlahdenkatu 16, Helsinki, 00180, Finland, +358 40 6626332
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