Reliable enough for heart surgery

GenCell Energy, a manufacturer of fuel cell energy solutions, recently announced that The Hillel Yaffe Medical Centre in Israel has installed a hydrogen-based GenCell G5 long-duration UPS (uninterrupted power supply) within its cardiac catheterisation unit. The project was executed together with healthcare service provider and GenCell’s medical market distributor, Medtechnica. Representing the country’s first fuel cell used within a hospital environment, the UPS ensures power continuity within the facility for optimal patient care, while reducing its environmental footprint by lowering its dependence on highly polluting diesel generators. Preventing even the slightest interruption to power flow eliminates any possibility of damage to delicate equipment, crucially avoiding equipment downtime and interruptions to surgical procedures. The project signifies an important step for medical and other public service institutions seeking to transition to clean energy and render diesel obsolete. The key driver for introducing this solution was to optimise operations in the intensive care coronary unit (ICCU), where long, complex catheterisation procedures involving sophisticated equipment require imaging devices and computer peripherals with high power load demands.

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