Repairs of pump station’s hybrid AC motor


LH Marthinusen recently completed a complex repair operation on a hybrid integrated AC motor unit used to drive a large pump in a South African pump station. The 1150 kW unit, one among several identical electro-mechanical units deployed at the pump station, was brought into the company’s main repair facility in Denver, Johannesburg, after it had failed. The repairs were undertaken by a special project team. The hybrid unit, which was manufactured in 1970, consists of a variable speed AC commutated motor and an induction regulator. This design of variable speed AC motor was innovative in its day and it is still a highly efficient and energy-saving unit for its purpose. This is the main reason why the pump station continues to use these motors, preferring to have them repaired when they fail, rather than replace them with more recently developed alternative systems. On examination both the rotor and stator were found to require rewinding, a job with took many months to complete.

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