Revolutionary wind power technology

WorleyParsons is supplying design support in the form of engineering drawings and engineering analysis for the Brayfoil turbine prototype which uses a flexible wing in a vertical axis configuration to create optimal lift at low rotational speeds, enabling the use of large, dynamically adjustable wing surface areas. Its strength lies in its simplicity as the seamless wing works without hinges, joints, panel sections or flaps. The world-wide patented Brayfoil is the invention of Robert Bray, an architect and entrepreneur incubated at the Climate Innovation Centre South Africa. Although still in the early stages of prototype development, the Brayfoil wind turbine has already been subjected to comprehensive scrutiny and has passed feasibility trials at the Faculty of Engineering at Stellenbosch, and wind tunnel testing at South Africa’s Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR). Compared to solar PV, the Brayfoil turbine is described as generating two to 15 times more kWh per square metre of surface area.

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