Robust differential pressure flow meter

Kobold’s  RCD flow meter, for measuring and monitoring the flow of liquids and gases, employs a Venturi tube which first narrows and then expands enabling the pressure difference between the inlet of the narrowed area and the narrowest area to determine the flow rate.

With mechanical displays, the flow value measured by the bellows system is transferred to the calibrated display (in l/min for water and N/m3/h for air), and indicated by means of a pointer element.  With electronic displays, a Hall sensor converts the mechanical movement into an electrical signal. The strength of this signal varies with the flow. Various electronic systems are available to display or monitor and evaluate the flow volume. Measurement accuracy of 3% at the upper range value can be expected with these devices.The maximum service temperature for the mechanical version is 100°C, while the electronic version is limited to 80°C.

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