Rooftop PV with monitoring system installed


A professional monitoring system helps ensure the smooth operation and maximum energy yield of PV systems. Meteocontrol implements projects of all sizes throughout the world. The modular system of the blue’Log X series, which is tailored to individual systems, in combination with the VCOM virtual control room, monitors solar systems, optimises on-site energy consumption, and controls grid feed-in management. This leads to a considerable reduction in terms of the time and cost expended on operation management. Together with Sustainable Power Solutions (SPS), a South African EPC partner, the company has implemented this monitoring functionality in four rooftop systems in Cape Town and Bloemfontein with a total output of around 1400 kW. The project team has equipped one of the solar systems with power control for implementation of the zero percent grid feed-in (zero feed-in). The data loggers of the blue’Log-X series are compatible with current inverter manufacturers and enable reliable interaction for remote configuration and live values.

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