SAPVIA welcomes the signing of PPAs

The South Africa Photovoltaic Industry Association (SAPVIA) welcomes the recent signing of the PPAs. The association’s chairperson, Davin Chown, says it has been a long and drawn-out process to prove that renewables have their place and role to play in a rationally decided energy mix. He said the signing will boost investor confidence and job creation; R58-billion of investment, over 61 000 jobs and 2305 MW of power is only the beginning of what the renewables industry can achieve. Chown emphasises that renewable generation has been able to upskill South Africans and to develop new skill sets.

“A vibrant energy sector which is considered a ‘sunrise sector’ will deliver benefits to all South Africans for many generations to come,” he said.

SAPVIA programme manager Niveshen Govender says the association awaits the signing of the expedited round and the small projects programme which will fast-track the delivery of employment opportunities, industrialisation, social development and local ownership, all of which are common features of all REIPPPP projects.

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