SA’s first commercial solar savings insurance

Exposed rooftop panels are vulnerable to the elements. So, what happens if the panels are damaged by hail, and or, if the system develops a fault or requires routine maintenance? The real underlying question is: In these potentially variable conditions, what happens to the savings that businesses have been promised? A new solar savings insurance developed jointly by All Power Systems, Synthesis Power Holdings and a renowned global reinsurer provides an answer. Clients can now insure their own solar plants against any loss of earnings. And Synthesis can give their clients the assurance that their service agreements are underwritten by a third-party, and their projected savings are guaranteed. This new policy is all-risk. No matter what the adverse conditions are, be they weather-related, accidental or wear and tear; the savings, and or, income that the  solar rooftop system was meant to generate over time, will be received, guaranteed.

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