School invests in solar power

South Africa College High School (SACS) in Cape Town committed to clean energy by installing a solar system at its Rosedale Boarding House. The solar system was installed by Energy Partners Home Solutions, part of the PSG group of companies. SACS has become very aware of its carbon footprint, so a renewable energy option was important to it. In the past five years the school has also seen huge increases in electricity tariffs, so it needed to find a sustainable way of bringing those costs down. Schools like SACS, with boarding houses and plenty of activity over weekends and holidays, are ideal for installing solar systems, as these types of properties consume most of their energy during the day’s peak solar hours, and can therefore maximise the financial benefits of a renewable energy solution. The school’s electricity bill has been cut by about one third, which amounts to a saving of around R75 000 at the current electricity tariffs.

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