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*Get the latest urban energy data for South African Cities!* SEA recently launched the State of Energy in South African Cities 2020 report. The report features 20 of South Africa’s most energy intensive cities, presenting emerging trends in energy efficiency and renewable energy uptake, and examines the governance of transition. Although energy demand has increased in absolute terms since 2011, cities have become less energy-intensive reflecting a decoupling of energy consumption from economic growth, possibly due to a greater uptake of energy efficient and renewable energy interventions in the electricity sector. Read the media response. Read the media response. *A tool to map municipal energy consumption* SAGEN-SALGA have developed an Excel-based Municipal Energy Management Systems tool to assist municipalities with mapping their own energy consumption. The tool is developed around the DMRE’s EEDSM energy audit template. A ‘How To Guide’ accompanies the tool to support the user with completing the audit template and to help understand, analyse and interpret the information collected, and know what to do with the data that is available
*Have your say in the Draft Green Building Policy for the City of Joburg* As part of the SA New Buildings Programme, the City of Joburg has developed a Draft Green Building Policy which outlines a pathway towards promoting resource efficiency and high performance standards in the construction of all new buildings. The policy aims to achieve low to net zero carbon in new buildings by 2030. Submit comments by *8 January 2021* to <>. If you would like to be notified of the final approved policy, please register your interest here . *Technical officers reflect on the SA New Buildings Programme after 3 years * In 2018, SEA embedded technical officers in the member cities of the C40 Programme, as part of the South African New Buildings Programme. Two of the Technical Officers, Naseema Elias from eThekwini Metro and Hlompho Vivian from Tshwane Metro, reflect on their journey in driving the ambitious efforts towards achieving net zero carbon buildings.
*Video: Introduction to solar PV SSEG in SA municipalities* SEA through the GIZ SAGEN Programme has developed a series of short videos on Small-Scale Embedded Generation (SSEG). The first video is an* “Introduction to Solar PV SSEG in South African Municipalities”* which explains what SSEG is, how the technology works, and how municipalities can support this rapidly growing trend.
*Updated guidelines for installing rooftop PV in City of Cape Town * The City of Cape Town’s revised guidelines for installing different types of rooftop PV systems with safety and legal measures now includes grid-tied hybrid systems.The guidelines also describe the types of rooftop PV systems that are permitted within the City-supplied and Eskom-supplied areas, as well as the recommended meters for grid-tied systems. *Guidelines on how to drive the renewable energy landscape in African cities* SEA in partnership with C40 developed two guides for African Cities. The guide “Renewable Energy Roadmap guide” provides cities with step-by-step process on how to incorporate renewable energy into their energy mix over time, drawing on the experiences of Sub-Saharan Africa cities. The *”Strategies to increase the deployment of distributed renewables guide” *assists cities to implement policies and actions. The guide includes case studies showcasing successful initiatives.
*City of Cape Town launches its first free electric vehicle (EV) charger* Located in the parking area of Bellville Civic Centre, this EV charging station is solar powered and will be offered freely for the first two years of its operation to the public. This initiative demonstrates the City’s active leadership in supporting eMobility for all and its commitment to carbon neutrality by 2050.
*Does your city need funding for climate-friendly projects?* The Green City Finance Directory helps cities and stakeholders to identify project preparation facilities which aim to connect cities to finance that can support the development of green and resilient infrastructure, implementation of efficient heating and cooling systems, building renewable energy, and setting up sustainable transit.
*Finance roadmaps for climate projects* The Covenant of Mayors in Sub-Saharan Africa’s “Finance Roadmaps for Climate Projects: How can Local Governments in Sub-Saharan Africa facilitate access to finance?”, provides an overview of financing roadmaps for local governments. The report describes key concepts and roadmaps for different project types in the region. Concrete roadmaps highlighting the possible proactive roles of local government are defined for ten specific climate actions, covering each stage of the project lifecycle from project identification to project development, finance, and operation.
*Apply to win an award for your climate change solutions* The Keeling Curve Prize is accepting applications on innovative climate change solutions in the areas of Capture and Utilization, Energy, Finance, Social & Cultural Pathways, as well as Transport and Mobility. Each year the Keeling Curve Prize offers 10 awards of $25,000 each. Deadline for applications is *10 February 2021.* *Looking for information on sustainable energy?* The Urban Energy Support website is an information portal of practical tools and guides to support the transition towards sustainable local energy development and a low-carbon trajectory for South Africa.
The African City Energy website is a resource to help those involved in sustainable energy challenges in urban areas of Sub-Saharan Africa.
The Small Scale Embedded Generation website (SSEG) is a resource portal of practical tools and guides for SSEG processes.
*Sustainable Energy Africa (SEA)* promotes equitable, low-carbon, clean energy development in urban South Africa and Africa. We do this through research, capacity building, policy engagement and information dissemination .
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