Self-generated power focuses on efficiency

Zest Energy recently installed a turnkey diesel power generation facility for the Balama graphite project in a remote region of Mozambique. Technology options such as variable speed drives can further enhance efficiencies and reduce the consumptive demands that a standalone power plant will have to meet; regeneration strategies also lower costs by feeding power back into the network.

Alastair Gerrard, the company’s managing director, says there is also potential for “heat and power” co-generation as an efficiency strategy. He sees a trend among many industrial users towards pursuing higher energy efficiencies, as this can improve the cost-per-hour of running their assets and lead to a reduction in emissions by using more efficient technologies. The company has a wide footprint across Africa – including its own entities in Namibia, Zambia, Tanzania, Mozambique and Ghana, which allows it to implement and service projects to high standards.

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