Self-healing smart grids minimise outages

Until recently, electric utilities were heavily dependent on customers for notifications of an outage. Now, using smart grid solutions and self-healing capabilities, utilities can remotely monitor power equipment to quickly identify faults, shorten the frequency and duration of outages and recover faster. Schneider Electric encourages utilities to change the way they think about energy and how innovations, such as EcoStruxure Grid can provide a solution. One of the primary characteristics of a smart grid is its ability to self-heal. Self-healing capabilities minimise blackouts because they allow for continuous self-assessments that inspect, analyse, react to and automatically respond to problems. The self-healing grid (SHG) technology helps automate power restoration, reducing outage duration to a minimum. In the event of a power fault, substations communicate with each other to execute the best possible instruction for rapid fault isolation and restoration of power supply. The average restoration time with SHG is reduced to under one minute, while the conventional approach can take hours.

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