Setting the gold standard in electrical calibration

Since 1988, the Fluke 5700 calibrator range is said to have set the standard for multifunction calibrator performance in calibration laboratories. Fluke is offering the “gold standard” of multifunction calibration – the 5730 A high-performance multifunction calibrator. Its features include improved performance specifications for AC voltage; AC current and resistance; 6,5 inch CGA capacitive touch screen with full colour graphical user interface; visual connection management terminals guide cable connections; compatible with 52120 A and 5725 amplifiers; full MET/CAT compatibility with 5700A and 5720A procedures, and artifact calibration using 10 V, 1 Ω and 10 kΩ external standards. The 5730 A calibrates a wide range of digital multimeters, up to long-scale 8,5 digit DMMs  and RF voltmeters when equipped with the wide band option. But this new model features improved specifications that will help users increase test uncertainty ratios (TURs) and increase test confidence. Also, the improved specifications will reduce the need to guardband, giving users confidence and peace-of-mind with calibrations.

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