Smart condition monitoring amplifier

Omron offers the N-Smart next-generation sensor series that connect to fibre sensors and laser sensors. A smart condition monitoring amplifier is now available that can connect to general analogue output sensors joining the line-up, enabling building an inexpensive and easy network with various sensors used to understand facility condition. Previously, obtaining data of analogue output sensors required a system with expensive data loggers and measurement equipment. The sensor can synchronise up to 30 units at a high speed of 1 ms, collect data at the timing of facility operation, capture subtle changes of facilities and correlation of signs reliably, thereby enabling optimum machine control according to facility status changes. The device offers connectable sensor heads, and sensors which output and transmit measurement result by current (4 to 20 mA DC) or voltage (1 to 5 V DC). Flow sensors and pressure sensors can also be connected.

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