Smart grid inverter extends battery life


Imeon Energy creates intelligent inverters for specific and diverse needs in the self-­consumption market, emphasising performance and simplicity of use. Its “grid optimised storage”manages charge and discharge of batteries to optimise efficiency, increasing the batteries’ life. In fact, contrary to traditional techniques, the unit stores only the surplus of solar production, and discharges the batteries only to supply the outstanding energy needed after using direct solar production.With smart battery management, this device limits injection of electricity to the grid and optimises solar-grid integration through peak-shaving. This inverter manages different sources of energy (solar, batteries, the grid) and by means of its integrated microprocessor, orients energy according to the production, conditions, and consumption needs for the most optimal performance. The device adapts to all installation types, including self ­consumption with or without storage, isolated sites or grid­-tied sites.

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