Smart solutions to tackle utilities’ energy losses

The pressure to improve energy efficiency is constant and intense, particularly for utilities since changes to power production and distribution can have a cascading effect influencing the energy efficiency efforts of both utilities and end-users. The opportunity to cut costs is always a motivator for change, and for utilities, the rewards for reducing network losses are immense as annual electricity transmission and distribution losses are substantial. At the end of the 2016/17 fiscal year, Eskom reported an average of 8,85% in total energy losses with a significant deterioration on distribution losses from 6,43% in March 2016 to 7,55% in 2017. Eskom, which supplies about 95% of South Africa’s electrical energy, is planning to reduce these losses by implementing an early warning system and regular and targeted meter audits through automating analysis on their networks. The company’s advanced distribution management systems is a solution that can be implemented to estimate and minimise losses, manage peak demand and automated fault location, isolation, and service restoration.

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