Solar power plant and laboratory opened in Tanzania

The Kilimanjaro International Institute for Telecommunications, Electronics and Computers (KIITEC) recently opened its 30 kW solar power plant and solar laboratory at its training centre in Moshono, Arusha next to the Masai Camp in Tanzania. The event brought together the partners which have supported KIITEC for many years. These are Schneider Electric East Africa, the Schneider Electric Foundation, ADEI, EDF Help, and the Foundation for Technical Education (FTE). The opening featured two conferences – one on “Micro-grid market model: a way for Africa” and the “Internet of things (IoT), impact in industrial and photovoltaic applications”. KIITEC is an international technical institution which was founded in 2004 by French engineers, and has produced some of the most competent technicians in the country. Two NGOs, the Foundation for Technical Education (FTE-Swiss) and Action Development Education International (ADEI-French), support the institution. Schneider Electric assists ADEI in its support of KIITEC. The institute is a pilot centre, with the goal of transposing and exporting its model from Tanzania, in particular to Kenya.

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