South Africa and green fuels
South Africa has the key ingredients it needs to shift from carbon based to green fuels. These are wind and solar as well as the technology it can use to convert “green hydrogen” into liquid fuels. Such a shift, argue David Richard Walwyn and Rod Crompton, will help South Africa mitigate the impact of a sharp drop in its exports of coal and platinum group metals, both of which are threatened by the move to cleaner fuels.
African countries are home to some treasures of biodiversity, highlighted in our selection of previously published articles. Many of these species are endangered for various reasons. As part of the debate about how best to conserve nature, Mucha Mkono, Jason L Ransom, Katarzyna Nowak and Patrick O Onyango call for diverse and more inclusive approaches.
*Caroline Southey*
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David Richard Walwyn, University of Pretoria; Rod Crompton, University of the Witwatersrand
There is a golden opportunity for South Africa to transition from being a key contributor to global warming to becoming a key contributor to global emissions reductions.

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