Split-core DC current transducers


The new DH family of DC current transducers offers precise measurement of bipolar currents up to 2000 A. Measuring only 174 x 86 x 54,1 mm, these compact split-core transducers combine Hall-effect technology and signal conditioning in a single housing with a large rectangular sensing aperture for non-contact measurement (supporting up to 104 x 40 mm busbars or 40 mm cables). The product has been designed to measure DC currents and their polarity. It offers a choice of primary current measurement ranges from 500 to 2000 A, and provides an absolute accuracy better than 1% of the nominal current value. The new transducers output the bipolar measurement value through an industry standard 4-20 mA output. The device features a loop-powered circuit which reduces the amount of wiring and connections required.

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