Surge protection for Africa’s data centres

DEHN Africa’s expertise provides surge protection for data centres across the continent. Julienne Puttkammer, member of the company’s technical team, identifies two main types of risk in terms of data centres and electrical power surges: direct and indirect lightning strikes, and switching surges, which can be internal and are caused by the switching of the cooling system’s inductive load or even generator switching. He says that, in regions with stable power supply, power surges could be caused by lightning strikes while, in areas with unstable supply,the most frequent cause could be on/off switching. Even nearby lightning strikes – as opposed to direct hits – can cause a surge to flow on conductors and electrical lines. He says data centre designers opt for lightning protection installation regardless of whether the normal risk procedure requires it. On/off switching occurs even within the data centre where the cooling system, for example,  can cause switching surges. The main challenges in implementing surge protection measures involve coordinating the implementation of all the aspects of lightning and surge protection from the beginning of the project. The most comprehensive solution, says Puttkammer, would include all the interlinking systems of protection from the design stage, to have all the components optimised.

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