Taking the load off electricity-supply constraints

Mines, factories, small businesses and even the residential sector need backup power. Cummins has a full range of alternative power solutions on offer. This is particularly relevant as SA’s electricity utility Eskom has reinstituted load-shedding due to a constrained power supply. The company can supply a small (17 kVA) genset for residential or commercial use, all the way to a 3750 kVA unit for mining, data centre, and hospital applications. In addition, the company can also supply one-stop solutions for multiple back-up power requirements for large scale clients such as mining operations or factories. A key differentiator is that, not only does the company supply the gensets themselves, but all ancillary components as well, from air and oil filters and even coolant. The company has a fully-fledged training facility where its own technicians and clients can receive customised training on any engine platform. This training is fully accredited, with certificates presented to all successful candidates.

Contact Deepa Rungasamy, Cummins Africa Middle East, Tel 011 589-8512, deepa.rungasamy@cummins.com

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