Technology for electrical heat tracing in CSP plants

Electrical heat tracing (EHT) is required in concentrated solar power (CSP) plants to prevent the crystalisation of molten salts (from 240°C), to ensure the correct viscosity of various heat transfer fluid (HTF), to keep synthetic oil at about 15°C and water from freezing, which occurs when fluids remain static in pipes and for pipe and equipment pre-heating.

Eltherm, a company which has worked on a number of successful CSP projects in the Northern Cape, Morocco and Israel, offers TraceVision, a product which provides control and monitoring that is reliable, highly flexible and adaptable, catering to every unique requirement. For applications with extremely high throughput rates it performs a wide range of processing tasks. It has quick, accurate, powerful processing capabilities, with easy to configure components. The system constantly measures all aspects of the heating system and activates an alarm if set points are exceeded.

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