The Earth Day action oil companies don’t want you to take

*It’s Earth Day again. *This means it’s a year since: Joe Biden convened world leaders for an urgent climate summit. Boris Johnson said we should “build back greener.” Justin Trudeau said Canada would “lead in the fight against climate change.”
*In the 365 days since, all three of them — and many other world leaders — have approved and subsidised new fossil fuel projects. *
Enough is enough. This Earth Day we are launching a Global Week of Advocacy calling for a global treaty to manage an urgent phase out of the Earth’s greatest threat — coal, oil and gas. *Can you help us take the Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty proposal to key officials in your country this week? *
*Click here to use our #FossilFuelTreaty advocacy toolkit with actions in 194 countries* <> —* actions are currently available in English, Spanish, Portuguese or French.*
Oil companies would love you spend Earth Day thinking about recycling and your lightbulbs — but their business model is responsible for 86% of all carbon dioxide emissions in the past decade. So instead, *join me in spending Earth Day launching this huge wave of advocacy towards key officials calling for a Treaty to phase out fossil fuels. * <>
Why these officials? We’ve selected the UNEP Focal Points in each country (most of them are Environment Ministers), as they are the ones most likely to attend a major UN conference in June called Stockholm+50. This international summit will reflect the past fifty years of international environment summits and action. This also means *Stockholm+50 is a key moment to build significant political momentum around the proposal for a Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty*. We’re hoping to see a first wave of countries endorsing the Treaty proposal during the meeting, and many others highlighting the threat of fossil fuels.
But* to put fossil fuels and the Treaty proposal high on the agenda of Stockholm+50 we need your help. *
Already individuals in 48 different countries have pledged to approach key officials in their region using our advocacy toolkit over the coming days.* Now we need your help. **Here’s all the details on how you can get involved in the Global Week of Advocacy:*
– *Access our new #FossilFuelTreaty digital advocacy toolkit here* <> where you can lookup actions in your country
– Use the tool to call on key officials in your country, asking them to support the Treaty proposal, and sound the alarm on the threat of coal, oil and gas in speeches and submissions at the Stockholm+50 conference — for example, you can use *this tool to send an email to their office <>*, or *this tool to call them <>* (either to discuss over the phone, or ideally setup a meeting to go into detail)
– To prepare for an email, call or meeting with your Minister you can use these helpful talking points <>
– If you manage to secure a meeting with a Minister, we would also encourage you to take some materials, including this short briefing on the Treaty proposal <> and this policy checklist on fossil fuels <> – Once you’ve taken actions in your own country the platform will also encourage you to use social media to promote the #FossilFuelTreaty proposal to key UN officials <> including the UN Secretary-General and the UN Environment Programme (hosts of the Stockholm+50 summit)
Last but not least, *please encourage your friends, family and networks to join the Global Week of Advocacy by taking action at* ** <>
Thanks for all your help. Over recent months the proposal for a treaty to phase out fossil fuels has gained significant momentum and a huge, diverse chorus of voices backing it from all around the world.
Now it’s time to take a major step in the campaign and take the proposal directly to decision-makers — already advocates on every continent have begun discussing the proposal with governments and we are on our way towards a first club of countries calling for negotiations later this year.
Your help by advocating for the proposal over the coming week (and months) can be a huge help to building further political momentum.
Michael Poland Campaign Director Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty
P.S. Ministers change frequently around the world, and setting up a global advocacy toolkit in multiple languages is no small feat. If you see any details that should be updated in your country, please let us know by contacting
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