Thermal imaging cameras with laser-assisted auto-focus


FLIR Systems introduced the T530 and T540 professional thermal imaging cameras, designed for thermographers who operate in a variety of environments including power generation, electrical distribution, and research laboratories. These new cameras offer enhanced ergonomics with 180° rotating optical blocks, laser-assisted autofocus, and auto-calibrating lenses. The series was designed to reduce the strain of continual thermal inspections by offering a 180° rotating optical block, allowing thermographers to image targets overhead, below, and around obstructions from a comfortable position. Featuring AutoCal optics, the lenses can be shared between T500-Series models or with the company’s new line of cameras without the need for secondary pairing or factory recalibration. These lenses produce crisp imagery and use laser distance measurement data during autofocus to achieve high-temperature measurement accuracy. Thermographers can identify subtle temperature differences aided by a high resolution 100 mm touchscreen.

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