Thorough checking of batteries means big savings

Midtronics is the world’s largest supplier of battery testers for lead acid batteries. It provides products to the automotive, heavy truck, and motor sports vehicle manufacturers, battery manufacturers, distributors and dealers worldwide, and most of the world’s major telecommunications companies who service distributed power systems. An investigation by a major British transport company has made a clear finding: regularly testing and charging truck batteries as part of a strict routine, can achieve considerable savings in terms of battery costs. Since commercial vehicles in particular tend to run up high maintenance costs, it is important to keep a close watch on the condition of the batteries. This means that the battery needs to be tested every time a truck comes into the workshop. Although this may seem excessive, the few minutes needed to test the battery is definitely time well spent.  Whenever a truck is brought into the workshop, the diagnostic tester can be used to ascertain the condition of the battery. This check allows for prompt intervention, if a battery’s quality is deteriorating.

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