Time-domain link technology for digital substations


SEL announces the release of a digital substation solution engineered with simplicity in mind – TiDL technology. In a TiDL solution, field modules are placed in the yard close to the primary equipment to digitise discrete I/O signals and analogue data, and then transport them over a fibre-optic cable to a relay in the control house. Replacing copper wires with fiber-optic cables increases personnel safety and improves system reliability. This innovative technology uses point-to-point connections and a non-routable protocol, providing a simple and secure solution; does not need an external time source or Ethernet switches, making it easy to implement with no network engineering required; combines the proven protection of the SEL-400 series relays with the modularity of the SEL-2240 Axion, reducing training requirements and providing a scalable and flexible solution; and provides built-in time synchronisation and synchronous sampling, ensuring protection is available in the relay regardless of whether or not an external time signal is available.

Contact Rudolf van Heerden, Selinc, Tel 012 664-5930, tsc-africa@selinc.com


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